Let’s talk about why I love the Hannafam!! 💚

Before starting Hannabis I was so shy, I had no confidence, had never gone live and didn’t really believe in myself much at all.. Im very passionate about cbd and cannabis as a whole I had non stop gone through all training and decided to take the leap and try for the regional managers position two days after joining… and I got it! 

My hard work payed off and I was so proud but still I doubted myself sometimes..
Slowly but surely everyone on the team helped me to start believing in myself, they showed me i can do more than I think! I started to push my limits, started going live and even shared about my personal experience with mental health which I rarely open up about! Any time I started to doubt myself they reminded me how far I’ve come and how well I’ve done.

 The co directors and affiliate manager have even supported me in my passion for makeup and have come up with this amazing plan which I’m now elaborating on, planning out and taking steps to make happen which I’m super excited about. Even when I’ve doubted myself with this one of them have always kept me positive, reminded me of my goals and that I CAN reach them!

Even when I’ve doubted myself with this one of them have always kept me positive, reminded me of my goals and that I CAN reach them! The teams belief in me made me believe in myself more!

It’s true what they say, having people routing for you can make a world of difference! I would not be where I am today business wise or personal wise if I didn’t have my Hannafam and I am so grateful our paths crossed!

 When joining my team The CBD gems you get full support from myself, our other Regional manager for wales, Chelsea, our affiliate manager jess and our hands on director Hannah! We provide full training into CBD and hannabis and Hannah the director even offers the opportunity for affilliates to have a 1-1 session with her which is a great move if you have plans for your brand but are not sure how to move forward with them. Hannabis also offer affilliates to partner with Hannabis to build and launch their own brands!

At Hannabis everyone is supported to the best of our abilities and when you join Hannabis you become part of a family not just an affiliate! For anyone looking for a company that doesn’t feel like work, where your not just another number and where your truly valued as a person, follow the link below to sign up.

What you get:

At Hannabis we offer 20% commission on every sale that is paid out within 24 hours of the sale being made. You also have the freedome to build your own team and earn 3 levels down!

Want more information before joining? Check out our Opportunity live!