My Hannabis Journey

I joined hannabis on the 31st of January 2020 and I had very little knowledge in CBD but a some in cannabis. Being a consumer and supporter of cannabis I was very curious to learn more about CBD, so the moment I my account was approved I dove head-first into the amazing training that’s provided.

The next day I was most of the way through my training and I had found out that there was a regional manager spot available for my area. I felt pretty confident in what I had learned and asked for the link to do the quiz. By that same evening I had completed the quiz and was feeling very nervous.. “Will I get it? Its only been a day. ” I thought.

My hard work payed off be ause on February 2nd 2020 the Hannabis Hannah revealed to me that after only 2 DAYS of being an affiliate I had bagged myself a regional manager position for Wales. I was extremely happy and this is an achievement I will forever be proud of!

Fast forward 9 months and a 1-1 call with Hannah… I now have an amazing team called The CBD Gems that’s continously growing and I am partnered with Hannabis for my cannabis inspired cosmetics range Cannabeauty!