Where is Cannabeauty going?

The idea for my rebrand Cannabeauty came from my love of both cannabis & beauty, since my vision for my range is cannabis inspired. I thought why not combine the two?
My long-term goal for Cannabeauty is to have a full Cannabis inspired range whilst partnering with one or two influencers representing my brand & I aim to one day be a well-known cannabis inspired cosmetics brand. With enviromentally friendly, substainable, empowering vibes & ethos behind Cannabeauty.
I am honestly so excited about this partnership I have so much planned, so many things I want to release. All thanks to the inspiration and support off Hannah, Nicole, Jess and the rest of the Hannafam. I’ve undergone a full rebrand to suit my new journey. I am super excited to see where this all takes me next!

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