Who is Cannabeauty?

My name is Christel, I am a mum of two beautiful little girls that are my inspiration for the future. I’m also regional manager with Hannabis. I want to tell you how Hannabis has helped me; when I started Hannabis I knew absolutely nothing about CBD. I’ve always supported cannabis therefore the interest to learn more was there but I joined knowing nothing. I worked my way through the detailed training into the background of Hannabis & all things CBD, I learned so much. Enough infact for me to apply for regional manager and got it only 2 days after joining! I put my mind to it, revised the training over & over again. Even got my partner to quiz me & you know what, it paid off!
Since being with Hannabis I have grown so much as a person. I’ve learned how to take back control of my mental health with the mindset help they provide. I have shown myself I’m capable of more than I ever thought; that I am smarter than I think; that I can achieve more if I breach my limits & that I can be confident. Before I started Hannabis the thought of showing my face on a live would send me straight into panic mode. Now I find myself looking for reasons to go live, finding ways to getting myself & my brand out there.
Here at Hannabis, we’re not just about the sales. We care about our customers & that they get the best quality & service as possible & we care about each other. We support each other like a family and having that kind of support helps immensely. When joining Hannabis you’re not joining a company, your becoming part of a family. I have come so far since joining Hannabis. I’m now in the pre-launch phase for my brand new company ‘CannaBeauty’. I will be partnering with Hannabis to host my cannabis inspired make-up range on the shop.

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